To live by Zen is the same as to live an ordinary daily life... All activity is permeated with pure meditation.

The means of training are thousandfold but pure meditation must be done.

We start our morning practice together by setting up the altar and lighting a candle. Then we offer incense and begin sitting meditation - usually two sessions of 35 minutes each, with 10 minutes' walking meditation in between.  Chairs, meditation benches and zafus (meditation cushions) are all available to use. 

After the sitting we make bows of gratitude and recite one of the central scriptures of our tradition, the Heart Sutra, followed by the Ancestral Line in which we remember the Zen Masters who have lit our way in the practice. 

We end the formal part of the meeting by once again bowing in thankfulness.

The second part of the meeting takes different forms. If a monk is visiting the group, there will often be a talk on the teaching and the opportunity for members of the group to ask questions about Buddhist training in daily life.  Always there's the chance for a cup of tea and a chat.


We don't make any charge to attend the group meetings or for meditation instruction. There is a donation bowl if you wish to make an offering to help cover room hire and other costs.